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    Investigator: Arafat died of unknown poison


    GlobalLab is a Shanghai City Administration for Industry and commerce registration and Shanghai Industry Association recognized member units, the company involved in a number of industries, mainly engaged in laboratory reagents, equipment, a variety of supplies. Our is the  Schott group authorized Azlon distributor in China, Germany Wurth authorized dealers in China, Spain Scharlau  Company in Shanghai only authorized dealer, and appreciated in the United States authorized "Shanghai dealer", sigma authorization Shanghai dealer, JT.baker authorization Shanghai dealer. Merck, TEDIA, Fisher,  Agilent, and many other well-known corporate partners. High quality and low price, welcome to contact!

    Tel: 086-21-62200882
    Fax: 086-21-62200882
    Mob: 18964661090
    E-mail: sales@globallab.com.cn
    Website: http://www.globallab.cn
    Zip code: 201108
    Addr: NO.2008 Hongmei road,xuhui ShangHai
    Links: it service | begin cloude | SIGMA | dingxiangtong | Taobao | AVANTOR | AZLON | Scharlab | AMMEX | GLOBALLAB | 
    Addr:NO.2008 Hongmei road,xuhui ShangHai  Tel:086-21-62200882    
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